Residential Oil Heat

Home Heating Oil 

Now a division of Tevis Energy, Rotz Oil is THE trusted supplier of home heating oil throughout Northern Franklin & Fulton Counties!  We’d love to serve your heating oil needs too!  If you’re fortunate enough to heat your home with heating oil, you already know that nothing is more efficient or does a better job to create a warm home for your family than oil heat. And no other company can serve you better than Rotz/Tevis Energy. 

Our promise to you – we delivery oil on time and keep our heating oil prices competitive!

New to Oil Heat?

Today’s heating oil is among one of the cleanest ways to heat your home! In fact, heat fuel emissions are comparable to natural gas and propane. Advancements in heating oil technology over the years have cut the average amount of heating oil a home uses per year in half, making it one of the most affordable and efficient ways to heat your home too!

Clean Quality Heating Oil

Quality fuels burn clean, which means your oil furnace operates smoother. And that saves you money! We fortify every gallon of heating oil we deliver with an additive that dissolves impurities that occur naturally inside your tank. If allowed to accumulate, these impurities sometimes referred to as sludge, cause your system to run poorly.

With Rotz Oil, not only will your system use less heating oil and produce fewer emissions, used consistently, Rotz Oil also reduces system wear and tear and helps lengthen system life. We provide our quality heat oil at no additional cost to you!

We’re Proud to Be Tevis Energy!

Tevis Energy is a family-owned company that has been serving customers in southern Pennsylvania and Maryland for over 85 years. The result of this merger is the continuation of the same dependable and competitively-priced heating oil service that you have always expected from Rotz Oil. 

Additionally, customers will now have easy access to expert heating and cooling services through Tevis Energy’s sister company, Modern Comfort Systems.  MCS is a full-service HVAC company offering service and installation on all types of heating and cooling systems.

Together, we look forward to serving your heating oil and home comfort needs in the best way possible! Julie, Jere, Brandon, and Rick are still the people you will serve you. And while you may still see the Rotz Oil name here and there, our entire team proudly wears (or drives!) the Tevis Energy name while we make this gradual transition.   

Photo right: Jere and Brandon take delivery of Brandon’s new Tevis Energy truck!
Photo top: Jack delivers heating oil to a residential customer after a snow storm.

We’re here to help! 

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